A training program to introduce Construction to men and women of color who may not otherwise have the opportunity to enter the trades. The goal will be met in phases: 1. Reaching out to mature workers first; 2. Allowing those that graduate to mentor the next group. 3. Continued mentoring.

Our training will be almost exclusively On-The-Job. As a participant moves through the various phases, there should be a mastery of the previous phase.

We believe given the opportunity our participants will become a company asset for the future.

The need for skilled construction workers is drastic. We actually have more jobs than we do qualified people. The inverse is that there are an overwhelming number of mature Americans of color that are either languishing in dead end, low paying jobs or unemployed all together. By training the fathers and mothers in the community, the children have the opportunity to see what success can look like. It basically breaks down to one generation training the next.

Time bound: The Academy participants will be asked to go through a minimum 1000 hrs under the Academy.